I LIKE K-POP songs specially BOYFRIENDS ..
im half canadian and half korean ..
i want to friend with you ..

pPyonG !!! FIGTHING !!:)

2ne1 ^^



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  • how to spam ??? please teach me !!!!
  • kangsamhida : ))

Name:rhonna mae



Tumblr[re-write your URL]:kwangminpicachu.tumblr.com


The reason why you want to be an admin?:i want to share abbout boyfriends and i want to have many friends ..

The website that you use to find out all the Boyfriend’s stuffs?: twitter and facebook

Are you willing to get on at least 4 days in a week?:yes :))

Are you an admin at any other fanbases?: none .. :((

How sure you are to be an admin[1-10]?: 9 :)



who remembers the DongWoo HUG ? me! :D
(c) gif not mine


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im so sleepy :0

kwangminnie: you can use my shoulder <3

ppyong !!

just got home from the intramurals in our school ..

im so tired but im with my courting me ..

hes name is “jhomar” …

wish to be mine :))

  • ppyong !! fighting !! bestfriends : D

i just finish my projects …

so i have a time to check my emails..

i wish one of that emails have kwangminnie’s message >_<


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hi every one just arrive from school and im so very tired … 

i wish jeongminnie is here to make me smile :D

kwangminnie , jeongimageminnie , youngminnie and minwoo :))

thats me :)

thats me :)